Health - putting your foot down

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Our feet are amazing, carrying us over all kinds of uneven ground continually sending information to our brains about our balance and providing fine muscular changes to the bones of our feet – keeping us upright – usually!

I do have patients who can’t bear the sight of these brilliant sensitive things or have them touched without almost falling off the plinth. Regardless, I felt it important to highlight some of the more common presentations I see every day in my clinic.

  1. Morton’s neuroma – this is felt as a sharp pain between the toes and is caused by compression of the associated nerve when weight bearing or wearing shoes that do not provide enough width for the foot, let’s not mention high heels
  2. Pain across the top of the foot – you may also notice a small bump in this area. This is caused by movement of one of the bones that maintain the arch and a common injury in sports.
  3. Pain in the sole of the foot – this could be inflammation of the tissues ‘plantar fasciitis’ and is associated with tightness in your calf muscles, disturbance of the arch or pain may arise from the foot muscles themselves.
  4. An important consideration is not only what happens within the structure of the foot but also the muscles that surround the lower limb and act on the feet. These muscles tilt the foot in all directions and may cramp, disturb sleep or create uneven wear in your shoes
  5. Of course, let’s not forget the health of the skin and nails which can get so long, you could hang upside down from them. Remember, your feet do not exist at the ends of the Earth so do try to care for them with the reverence they deserve.

All of the conditions I have mentioned can be treated so if you are suffering with foot pain, come and see me.