Sports Massage

About you

You may be feeling the aches and pains of a little too much gardening or perhaps preparing for a marathon - whatever your reason for some extra care and support, we want you to be able to continue your activities - pain free. Tell us about your lifestyle including any medication or other details that may affect your treatment.


Depending on the nature of your visit, we may ask you to do some simple movements so that we can see where there may be restrictions or to assess which specific movements are causing you discomfort. Of course, this may simply be a rare occasion for you to completely relax and let the world go by.


Sports massage uses a range of techniques to improve blood and oxygen flow to tissues whilst stimulating the drainage of waste from tissues via the lymphatic system. Treatment breaks down the fibrous build up of collagen adhesions whilst encouraging the gentle stretch of muscle fibres - ultimately leaving you ready for your next challenge.

Next steps

At Fenland Osteopaths, as with our osteopathic care, we pride ourselves on empowering you with a greater understanding of your body, health and well being - this means:
  • Understanding the cause of your injury
  • Understanding our treatment approach
  • Bite-size exercise and..
  • Adapting those essential home or work stresses to avoid further injury.