Spring-ing into action

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

By the time you read this, we will have officially started Spring and with it comes that urge to get into the garden, think about changing the colour of the whole house or plan our shape-up routines for the summer holidays! So, with this in mind, I felt it a good time to talk about how to avoid the injuries I see everyday.

Lets start with.. SHRUBS

  • Try and avoid pulling with your back bent forward (flexed)
    – think of the posture adopted by a tug of war team!
  • Moving pots? Consider a trolley or sack barrow
  • Working on your knees? – how about some good knee pads?

Is Swimming good for me?

This is an interesting one as I see many patients who say they have been told to swim and yet it only seems to aggravate their pain. There is a common factor here, breast-stroke. Since many spinal conditions are aggravated by arching the neck or lower back (extension), swimming with your neck ‘craned’ out of the water will aggravate existing pain. Mix your routine with swimming or floating on your back – even if you just make snow angel shapes in the water!

Going to the gym

Where do I begin? I see many young men keen to develop their ‘pecs’ without an understanding of musculoskeletal balance. The result is shoulder joints/arms rotated forwards putting the upper back and neck muscles on stretch – leading to shoulder and neck problems so, balanced muscle training is key to keeping out of trouble.

Lets not forget.. Running, rugby, football, hockey and all the heavy leg use sports.

Warm up, stretching, good shoes with arch support if needed, and.. more stretching! A common cause of knee pain is tight hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteal muscles etc.

So, take care as we enter this wonderful Spring, go easy on the shrubs, warm up, stretch and if all else fails, give me a call if you need some help – Ian Plested.