An osteo.. what?

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

“An osteopath? That’s backs isn’t it?” At this point, I was ready to launch into the whole host of conditions I treat every day – and a great many involve anything other than backs.

For anyone who hasn’t seen an osteopath, my fifty cent version is:

“We treat mainly muscular and skeletal conditions from your head to your toes. Nerve pain, pins and needles or even numbness may be part of your condition too.”

Today, my first patient was a senior gentleman (81) who could hardly rotate his head from left to right, causing a number of problems with his ability to enjoy an active life. My second patient, a young hairdresser (25) with shoulder pain and pins and needles in her right hand. The next, a keen gardener with sciatic pain who’s searing course characteristically runs through the bottom and down the back of the leg. One motorcyclist with low back pain and a runner with knee pain later.. and you will have an impression of the varied number of conditions presented to me.

Osteopaths follow a rigorous course of training in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, neurology etc. with over 1,200 hours of clinical experience. Osteopathic practice is regulated by law in the UK by the General Osteopathic Council – so overall you can expect to see a highly qualified and competent health practitioner.

My approach to clinical care, is very much to help my patients understand their condition, how treatment will benefit and empower my patients with their own path to recovery. There is nothing worse than hearing someone say.. “I suppose it’s my age” Actually, it rarely is. Of course age brings with it many changes in our level of activity and resilience to injury, but with small changes to our daily life, a few exercises and an injection of optimism, I feel privileged to witness the wonderful recovery most patients achieve and maintain on their own.

It is difficult to appreciate the huge benefit that comes with small changes such as the patient who can now do up his shirt buttons because he has more sensation in his fingertips or the elderly gentleman who could not wipe his own bottom because his shoulder was simply too restricted in movement.

My days are truly very real and I feel very proud to be.. an Osteopath.